The fact that Beets & Roots insists to name your order after a hollywood-actor, so that you have to put up with picking up a “Wrap for Tom Cruise”, makes me wish I was young and stupid enough to walk into a McDonalds in central Glasgow 03.30 on a saturday night and start a fight. First time I came here and that happened, I immediately decided to Never come back again. Then I got my food and had to redecide again. Naturally I am now a regular for lunch, that is how punk rock I am nowadays.
Most people that come here seems to be opting for the clean eating alternatives, such as vegan protein bowls. Personally I prefer the cardiac arrest enhancing options, my favourite being a wrap with meatballs, tomatosauce and cheddar. It is quite frankly sublime fast food, and I find it hard to believe that 5.90 euros will bring so much joy to your tastebuds elsewhere nearby.
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