Benedict Berlin

Everything is just oozing of structure and perfection at the allday breakfast restaurant Benedict. Entering late in the afternoon getting a good morning greeting from the very attentive and socially skilled staff is just the beginning of a excellent allround experience. The interior and decor is very well thought out, open and relaxing, the mentioned staff is with you all the way, and the signature dish, eggs benedicte in different variations, are just stunning. The eggs are insanely well prepared, the bread is toasted to a optimal blend of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the additional trimmings, in this case a minced meat sloppy joes, are super tasty and full of flavour. This place is structured, professional, have an obvious gameplan and delivers on all levels. I can not think of any better place to start your day in Berlin, no matter what time your day starts. #goodmorning #foodies #foodie #uhlandstrasse #benedict #berlin #berlinfood #berlincity #charlottenburg #breakfast #breakfastclub

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