If glühwein was a woman, I’d probably be a stalker and glühwein would do well by getting a restraining order.

Up until now identity politics have however decided to stay out of glühweins business, so here I am, taking every chance I can to get a taste of the not so forbidden fruit in a desperate attempt to make the winter pass by in one big slur of seasonal alcoholism.

Usually mulled wine is cheap, shitty and lacks nuance. Historically I have been known to look past that, as long as it is warm and makes me all fuzzy inside. Until now.

At Bruderherz they make their own glühwein, and jesus christ you can tell. It is lovely, nuanced and elegant, with just the right balance of flair, flavour and savour (as much as heated wine with added sugar can be elegant that is). It is safe to say this experience have changed my relationship to mulled wine for the better, at least for me.
Not sure how Bruderherz feels about me tenting outside just to get another sip of paradise at my convenience though

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