Buck and Breck

See that entrance to the the right, that looks likely to improve the odds of you being offered a happy ending? Please enter, it will indeed bring a happy ending to your evening. Velcome to Buck & Breck, best described as cocktail heaven.
The bar only holds a few seats, so expect to have your name put on the waitinglist, then go somewhere else and wait for the call that your table is ready.
That place should be Doris Eck Kneipe, the old school pub next door. It is equally cool, but in a completely other way, a reminder how cool, kitsch and could not give a fuck Berlin used to be. If the older lady in the bar in fact is Doris herself, she should be offered an award for keeping things real. I never dared to ask though, as her aura of cool intimidates me. Funnily enough, the colours in doris vs bruck and breck somehow match. It is almost as if the owner of bruck must be the son of Doris, growing up and deciding to do a stylish upscale version of the bar next door. Visiting both Doris and B&B in one night is what I would imagine a threesome with Lemmy Kilmister and Jackie Kennedy would have been like, a perfect storm of class contra decadence at its best, with you in the middle getting all the attention. #bruckbreck #bar #cocktail #cocktails #mixology #bartender #speakeasy #doriseckkneipe #eckkneipe

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