Famous Spanish chef Paco Perez has two restaurants in the very nice Das Stue hotel, tucked away in the Tiergarten park. The one called Cinco has a michelin star, while the other one is called The Casual, linked to a decent bar and terrace. For being called casual it is pretty fancy, but luckily enough they still allow scumbags like me and my friends to dine there.
The food is definitely good, although not wow. Normally this would set me off from coming back, but the service is some of the best in town and the ambience is super soothing and relaxed, so all in all it is a very nice experience. Perfect place to go whenever you work to much and feel the need to pretend that you have a life, if so only for a few hours.

When leaving, make sure to head over to Mein Haus Am See just across the road. It is, by far, the cosiest beer garden set up in Berlin.
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