Geist im Glas

Going out in Berlin on New Years Eve takes guts. The endless queues to clubs, full of tourists here to have the the time of their lives, the overbooked restaurants, the desperate search of a free taxi (while trying to avoid getting hit by one of the fireworks that everyone seems to think it is a good idea to fire off in the middle of every street), and so on and so on.
Lets face it, there are so many hazards and pitfalls attached to a new years eve in Berlin that having your shoes puked on by a swedish person might in hindsight turn out to be a good thing.
So I will repeat, going out this time of the year takes guts, and in my (humble) opinion bravery in it’s purest form is being served by the glass.
So if you are naive enough to think that NYE 2017 is gonna be your thing, at least be smart enough to pop by Geist im Glas first. It will, as the name indicates, make you ready for anything, even swedish people.
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