This is arguably one of the worst photos ever taken of one of Berlins best dark and stormy, if not the best. I guess it would have deserved a better visual representation, it is however to late for that now. It is also a to good of a recommendation to not publish it. In the end, it is friday, so you most likely both need and deserve a steady and superb drink. I know I do.
To my tastebuds Greendoor gets their cocktails just right every time. You will usually also find some interesting regulars by the bar that you can strike up a conversation with. Just find the green door, knock, and enter this haven of strong spirits and ambitious bartenders. Just be careful about how much praise you give the staff for their knowledge, otherwise they might take it upon themselves to decide what you will be drinking for the rest of the evening 🙂 #greendoor #bar #bars #nightlife #alcohol #berlincity #berlin #schöneberg #hotspotsberlin #darkandstormy

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