Hamdi Baba Döner

While döner tourists and berliners alike eagerly waits in the berghainesque line to mustafas, the true connoseiurs of fine cheap döner meet up in tempelhof instead. Apparently that is only me, as Hamdi Baba is typically unbusy.
The star of the show, and to me unheard of in the berlin döner scene, is the hamdi sauce, a warm tomato and pepper sauce that is lovingly distributed on top of the bread. The sauce is so rich and full of flavour that it might change the colour of your skin, for the better. If döner can be compared to sex, this is the night with a long lost love you thought you may never see again.
If you are reading this from the infamous kebab queue in mehringdamm, do yourself a favour and walk down in the subway, travel four stops further and order a classic kebab with extra hamdi sauce. Standing in line just went out of fashion. #hamdibaba #dönerkebab #kebab #tomato #sauce #berlin #visitberlin #foodberlin #berlinfood #hotspotsberlin #berlinfoodguide #foodie #foodies #fastfood #foodporn #

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