Hummus & Friends

Hummus can be a sensitive topic in Berlin, especially if you are one of those lost souls that sometimes get your fix at upscale (as upscale as hummus outlets can be that is) places like Hummus & Friends in Mitte. My god, how dare you, I bet you own some real estate too! The hummus here is of the lighter, creamier kind, which I personally like. Hardcore fans of the thick grainy recipe served at Azzam might be disappointed though. The interior have a stripped and somewhat scandinavian feel to it, and yes, if the moon and stars are on your side you might even be served by a friendly swede. Not my first choice for hummus in Berlin, but for sure top three in Mitte.
Oh, and the garlic cloves in dates sauce (upper right corner of the pic) is slightly amazing, at least the dates sauce is. I sometimes drink it from the plate when nobody is watching. #hotspotsberlin #berlinstagram #berlincity #berlin #hummus #hummusbar #hummuslover #food #foodie #foodies #restaurant #restaurants #dates #tahini #mitte

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