Jacquart Champagne Bar, Kadewe

It is widespread knowledge that this luxury department store is overpriced, overposh and any kind of over combined with any other word of your choice. A lesser known, but even more important fact, is that KaDeWe also is the best option to get drunk before dawn in Berlin. If you are smart enough to skip past the often overcrowded Moet & Chandon bar and instead head straight for The Jacquart, it seems likely you were born a winner. The next step should be to order the opposite of what I did, so go for the rosé-version instead. It is absolutely grand. Have a few glasses and let the people watching begin. What you will see passing by on a saturday afternoon is anything from russian oligarchs to young german models and people so old that it might lead you to believe that the zombie apocalyps have already begun. #champagne #kadewe #berlin #berlincity #charlottenburg #departmentstore #hotspotsberlin

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