LaVida Wine Club Weinbar & Weinhandel

A lot of berliners hate Gendarmenmarkt, and why shouldn’t they?
Beautiful buildings, classic surroundings and a calm non-stressful ambience in general, why anyone would ever bother to come here is one of life’s greatest unsolved mysteries.
Granted, there can at times be quite a lot of tourists here, but if you can’t handle a 70 year old with a selfiestick, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror.
And then there is LaVida, a winebar I often passed by but never considered entering, simply because it somehow looks kind of unattractive from the outside.
It is however very cosy inside, and the staff knows their stuff and is attentive.
Not the biggest fan of their set up for the wines sold by glass (even though they have many nice options). The wine needs to be selected from some kind of winejukebox, which just simply is not my thing. However, the selection on offer by the bottle is very good too, so I would advice you to stick to that.
Fair bit of warning though, listening to this advice can easily become very expensive, especially if you like me are financially suicidal enough to date a sommelier and insist on getting the bill. Her alcoholic tendencies doesn’t really help. #bar #bars #wine #winebar #gendarmenmarkt #redwine #whitewine #rosé #berlin #berlincity #hotspotsberlin #mitte

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