momotaro tavern

On one of those rare occasions where I communicate with my colleagues, I am known to talk about one out of three things:
1. The fact that not one single restaurant in Berlin serves a decent smash burger.
2. The blatant lack of valium at the office.
3. The questionable quality and variety in most lunch restaurants surrounding Alexanderplatz.
I do, however, sense that this is all about to change. To start with, a colleague brought some weird pills to work today. They made sour taste like sweet. No matter from what perspective you are looking, valium can surely be the only logical next step from there.
As if that was not enough, I stumbled upon Momotaro Tavern after work. They serve a really tasty and juicy smashburger that I found surprisingly impressive. It is definitely a really good burger, even by international standards.
Naturally, since I am an asshole, it is situated just by the tv-tower and have been open for business longer then I have worked at Alexanderplatz. And yes, they also serve lunch. So from now on I only have one thing to complain about. And as previously mentioned, even that is most likely about to change.
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