Rødder Berlin

Some of you may know that I’m anything but a fan of streetfood thursdays.
It is just something that doesnt seem right about endless queues and eating with plate and glass in hand (end result being sauce/wine/dribble on white shoes every single time). While being a firm believer in the concept of not crying over spilled milk, spilled wine is another story. Anyone not crying over that is most likely a sociopath by choice.
Anyway, while pro-actively avoiding the markthalle on thursdays, I’ve been going there on saturdays instead. It has historically been a lot less busy, usually has available seats and many of the best vendors are there on saturdays too.
On the picture you see one of them, Rødder Berlin. They specialise in danish smørrebröd, and let me tell you, they are basically the Kierkegaard of sandwiches.
The combos are modern, the ingredients are super fresh and the taste is great. Loving their jerusalem artichokes, and the crispy pork rind on top of their flæskestegsandwich is so good that if my mother had one, I would assume she’d kidnap the staff and keep them in a basement to mass-produce it for her.
Me, opting for a more peaceful solution, will just buy one of their delicious cans of ginger chili instead, and come back for that pork rind next saturday again.
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