Santa Cantina

Every monday malayasian cooking crew Laksa takes over mexican outlet santa cantina on simon-dach strasse, and it could be a glorious thing.
I say could, because the fried chicken burger would be amazing, if it werent for the fact that the bread is a bit to compact and rubbery, and the breaded chicken obviously have been deep fried in the same oil as the shrimps on the menue. To me that is an unforgiveable crime. They could also do well by getting more of the spicy chili dressing on this baby. The construction is also a bit to high, and just like when you are high (so I’ve heard) it is a bit of a struggle to eat.
So why do I write about this, after all these complaints?
Well, simply because if Laksa adressed these issues, which in the end are minor rather then major, it would quite frankly be a truly great chicken burger, instead of just a good one. Laksa-crew, make this happen and I swear to god I will marry you all and have your children, but you might have to raise them yourself though. #berlinstagram #berlinfoodie #berlinfood #hotspotsberlin #butterfriedchicken #chicken #chickenburger #malaysia #berlin #berlincity #dinner #mondaymotivation #fastfood

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