Schwarzes Café

If you are the kind of person that thinks a place can have a soul, then Schwarzes is the place for you. This relaxed institution keeps It’s doors open for free spirits 24 hours per day (except six hours on tuesday, and lets face it, tuesdays suck anyway).
Schwarzes have a interesting clientele most of the time, and the good vibes are set within the walls. It is real, it is bohemian, it is relaxed and normally full of stylishly cool and beautiful people that arent trying to hard. Always super attentive, engaged and charming service as well, and great quality for the low price level. It is also some of the best opportunities for people watching you’ll ever have. Just as suitable for a relaxed afternoon coffee as for a late night pairing between a few bottles of riesling and a discussion about humanity or Riverdale, or both.
If I ever wrote a book, I’ll be sitting here writing it. And if I dont write a book, I’ll be sitting here anyway.
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