Stagger Lee Cocktailbar

If I had any children I would take them to Stagger Lee on their 18th birthday, as it clearly would make them better people, superior even. This bar is cosy, cool, relaxed and their menu is presented in a wild west-theme, complete with burnmarks and bulletholes in it. I think my imaginary children would have liked that. As you might imagine this itself makes Stagger Lee worth a visit, but on top of that they also serve some of schönebergs and berlins best cocktails. Having a sip of their variation of bloody mary, with port wine and bacon on top is as close to being a grown up I have ever become. Drink a full glas of one and you will most likely even feel like Zeus, or in this case, more fitting, Billy the kid. This is a must visit for all drinklovers that hate their liver! #alcohol #nightlife #berlincity #berlin #hotspotsberlin #cocktails #mixology #bar #bars #drinks #drinking #bloodymary

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