Ullrich am Zoo

It is not that often you get to include a grocery store among your top picks in a city, but truth to be told, Ullrich, in all its gloriously bleak and grim facade, might just be one of the last few pieces of the Berlin-puzzle that still has some chaptic edge.
This is a huge shop, with the set up of a hedonists choice of a convenient store.
There are endless lanes of crisps in both ends of the shops, with a (in town) hard to find Burts Guiness Deep Chili flavour as the king of the castle, there is a salladbar with a selection of four or five dressings on tap, there is a smoothie bar, the biggest selection of mini bottles of wine and champagne I have ever seen in a food store, and the condoms are placed within convenient sight by the exist, next by the crisps rather then tucked away in some corner of shame alongside some shit no person in their right mind ever would come up with the idea of buying (and therefor in my humble opinion borderline impossible to find)
Ullrich also stocks hemp protein and other bodybuilding stuff, and you are literary exposed to offers of alcohol in one way or another in every corner of the store. There is also an in-store sushi chef preparing decent veggie sushi boxes with beetroots to go. In short, Ullrich offers all you need to succeed and prosper at work, at the gym, at the pre-party, in bed – dare I say in life?
On top of that, they are, wait for it, open on sundays, which is something that I am starting to think might be considered as political activisism in Berlin. Extra bonus for the cashier that demands ten extra euros from grumpy customers asking for a recipe, just to see how they will react. This is the closest thing you will ever come to punk rock grocery shopping.
Ps, spare a thought (and your change) for the unfortunate souls that often sits outside the exists. Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while. Ds
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