If you find yourself unlucky enough to be walking down the dead end of fun that is friedrichstrasse at night, I’d argue that you in general would be better off trapped in the shoppingmall in Night of the Living Dead.
Luckily there are, as to any rule, a few exceptions. Windhorst is one of them.
This is a bar persons kind of bar, with plenty of options to sit on a high stool and sip on your drink. Everyone who is a veteran of drinking (or have read Bukowski) knows that it’s at the bar desk everything happens. The talks, the meetings, the drinking, the bitterness, the mysterious stranger who sits next to you, despite the fact that the bar is completely empty, just to proclaim that you are in that certain someones seat. I can not guarantee that this will happen to you at Windhorst. To be fair you are just as likely to be supervising a thirtysomething well dressed professional woman groping a 60 year old man that seems to have had success in business, but less of it in love. Next to them you might find two relaxed mitte commuters complaining about their boss over a glass of wine, and by one of the tables you could enjoy the vibrant energy from a bunch of art students. Judging by their language and accent they are all from Barcelona. It is the kind of place where you might stumble into anyone, as well as no one. The drinks are good, the staff attentive and the selection of spirits are smart. Combining a visit to Dussman Kulturkaufhaus with a drink at Windhorst afterwards is most likely the best idea you could ever have in this particular corner of mitte.
And remember, sit by the bar. Absolutely nothing will ever happen when you place yourself at a table, safely surrounded by friends. #hotspotsberlin #drinks #drink #rum #alcohol #bar #bars #barstool #berlin #berlincity #berlininstagram

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